Hotel Services

- Top quality breakfast, one of the best in Paraíba.
- Solarium with panoramic views of Tambaú beach and Ponta dos Seixas, the easternmost site of the Americas, at the end of Cabo Branco beach.
- Swimming pool with cascade.
- Computer with Internet access uploading photos allowed.
- WIFI (wireless Internet access).
- Games room (billiards, cards, checkers and dominoes).
- Apartments for honeymoon.
- Parking lot monitored by cameras.
- Buffet for birthday parties.
- Frequent Guest Card (discounts on our property).
- Room cleaning and sanitization between 9:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m.

Services Suite

- Cable TV on 20” ser.
- Air Conditioning.
- Box Spring.
- Cabinets.
- Minibar.
- Direct dial telephone.
- Electric and solar-heated shower water.
- Bathroom with Shower box.
- WIFI (wireless Internet in every suites).


Sea Tours

- Areia Vermelha.
- Picãozinho.

Land Tours

- City tour (north coast and south coast).
- Sunset at Jacaré beach.
- City of Areia.
- City of Campina Grande.

Interstate Trips

- Recife.
- Itamaracá.
- Porto de Galinhas.
- Natal.

Rua José Augusto Trindade, 92, Tambaú (Beach).
João Pessoa – PB
Phone/Fax: (83) 3247-4145 / 3247-4160