- To prevent break-ins, avoid leaving items on show inside your car;

- When taking children to the Hotel make sure you bring their ID card or birth records. As required by the Secretariat of Public Security, documents must be presented at check-in;

- Foreigners: Make sure you bring a copy of your valid passport with photo as well as the original; this must be shown  at hotel check-in, a procedure required by the Brazilian Federal Police;

- For your security, only hire tours through trustworthy companies accredited by EMBRATUR.

- For more information about the city refer to PBTUR, located in Tambaú, next to Feirinha de Tambaú, or to our receptionists. Avoid asking strangers for information;

- “The Earth’s drinking water is running short! There is only 1.5% left on the planet; do your part!Save it!

Rua José Augusto Trindade, 92, Tambaú (Beach).
João Pessoa – PB
Phone/Fax: (83) 3247-4145 / 3247-4160